Aptitude for serendipity - the first step to build your leverage

The aftermath of my random Reddit post

I borrowed the term "aptitude for serendipity" from Max Stoiber's evergreen notes

Someone finally described the way I achieved most things in my career other than "random encounter" or "you can't rely on things you can't automate and measure."

Today I wanted to share just one tiny win related to Reddit.

About seven months ago, I shared my blog post on Reddit called "Pick the right market".

It received a warm welcome and netted over 250 upvotes. 

Two days later, a Reddit user sent me a DM whether I'd be interested in a guest appearance in his podcast. For an avid podcast listener like me, loud "yes!" was a no-brainer. 

The episode aired last week, where I had a pleasure to discuss my company, inspirations, routines, and bits of advice. 

Despite undoubtful fun and satisfaction, It gave me an outlet to spread the word about my company, level-up my personal brand, and potentially find new clients. It all started with one short blog post shared in r/entrepreneur.

The upfront investment was negligible, yet I never thought of it as an investment per se. I did it purely for fun.

I'm not saying you should ditch all processes and rely only on serendipity, though.

It's a reminder that you should always put yourself out there.

Show what you got. Share your work, thoughts, content, anything you create.

Even if you think it's not good enough yet, that's ok.

Someone will find value in it. It is all in the very spirit of Learn in Public, and Build in Public.

In my case, I closed best deals by

  • replying to a tweet

  • writing a cold email

  • publishing a blog post

Put yourself out there. The downside is minimal. The upside is unlimited.

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