On Design, Twitter and FinTech

a $5,000 worth design sprint giveaway, a story of one tweet and why my favorite FinTech needs more love

Hey! Happy Thursday!

One big announcement, one story, one UX case study.
The format is slightly different from other bits, let me know what you think!

A $5,000 Worth Design Sprint Giveaway!

Super simple, quote tweet this tweet with your product website (or just the product idea!) to join the game!

A Story of One Tweet

Two weeks ago, my random tweet brought some unexpected results.

I replied to Andrew Wilkinson tweet and got 159 new followers and 17 project inquiries overnight 😲

I shared the story on indiehackers and Reddit - pick your favorite medium and read on!

My Favorite FinTech

I truly love Veem. They provide exceptional value to companies like us.

Although, If it weren’t recommended by one of our clients to process payments, I wouldn’t probably be temped to sign up just by looking at their website.

Here is why and what can be done about it.

For UX/UI Design Aficionados

We are recently more active on Dribbble and Twitter, sharing some BTS, portfolio items, and quick tips.

Drop by and say hi 👋

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